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iKobo Card

iKobo - Convenient Money Transfer iKobo Card is a prepaid Visa debit card and reloadable which is not linked to your bank account therefore no credit checks are necessary, ideal if you have a bad credit rating. You can transfer money to the card, and it can be used anywhere in Vietnam or the rest of the world to withdraw cash from any ATM which supports Visa. An iKobo Card can be ordered and sent to anyone you wish to give it to as long as it is used for private purposes.

How The iKobo Card Works

You can purchase one or more cards from iKobo Card for use by yourself, your family or friends. Cards are dispatched via FedEx and can be sent anywhere in the world. Each card is issued direct to the recipient of your choice and can only be utilised by the use of a four digit PIN number known only to the receipient. Because the card is not linked to a bank account, only the amount of money loaded to the card will be available to withdraw, which means there is no risk of the receipient taking more money than is intended. Money can be uploaded to the card in any supported currency and then dispensed in Vietnamese Dong if used in Vietnam, in a simple and quick online process.

Loading The iKobo Card

One of the great advantages of using this card is that you can reload it online. The hassle of finding a local agent to deposit money has been elimiated by using the easy to use online iKobo Card facility. This secure webpage allows you to transfer your funds within minutes.


One Time Visa Card Shipping Fees

In USA & Canada

Regular Mail : $1.99 or FedEx Express : $11.95 (3-7 days)

Worldwide FedEX

FedEX : $11.95 (14 days or less) or FedEx Express : $24.95* (3-7 days)

* where available

Example Transfer Fees

Amounts $100 $250 $500 $750 $1000
Fees $8.00 $12.50 $20.00 $27.50 $35.00

Transaction Description Fees (USD)

ATM Balance Enquiry : FREE

Monthly Maintenance Fee: $0.99

Declined ATM Withdrawal: $0.99

Point Of Sale Purchase: FREE

ATM Withdrawal: $1.99


  • Can be used worldwide
  • No credit checks
  • Assignable to friends and family
  • Low reload costs
  • Cash withdrawals in Vietnam Dong
  • PIN not stored on card so cannot be cloned
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or travellers checks when travelling
  • Ideal if you have a bad credit rating


  • Can only be used with Visa ATMs
  • No credit limit available



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