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Send Money To Vietnam

Whether you want to send money to Vietnam for a relative, a loved one, for the purchase of a property or for business, you may have found information on the best way to do this hard to find. So what are your choices to transfer money overseas? And what are the advantages and disadvantages on your options to send money internationally?

We aim to give you a brief guide for some of the methods available such as using PayPal, Western Union, Moneybookers, iKobo Card & Bank Transfer to transfer money or send cash to Vietnam and we will highlight the important information that will allow you to make the right decision for your requirements. In addition we will outline some important information that you may need such as cash limits, how to undertake bank transfers, requirements to purchase property in Vietnam and also information on the various Visa processes for non-Vietnamese nationals.

Money Transfers To Vietnam

This very much depends on the speed you wish the funds to be transferred, whether the receipient has a Vietnam bank account, if it is a one off payment or if you need to send funds on a regular basis.

  • Western Union Wire Transfer : A simple and quick method to send funds either online via the internet or through a local agent and is especially useful if you need to get cash to Vietnam within minutes. The receiver can withdraw the amount sent by you in Vietnamese Dong in Vietnam by using a simple Money Transfer Control Number
  • Bank Services : If you want to send money via an international money transfer from your bank account to a Vietnam bank account holder we list the process, approximate timescales and approximate costs you should expect to pay
  • Cash Limits : Bringing cash into Vietnam? We provide you with the limits for bringing in cash into Vietnam

Property Purchase In Vietnam

If you are considering purchasing a property in Vietnam there are a number of things you should be aware of. What are the limitations for a non-Vietnamese purchasing property or land in Vietnam? We have a section to answer some commonly asked questions about property purchase in Vietnam - more details

Visa For Vietnam

A Visa is required to enter Vietnam, so which one is applicable for your situation? - more details




Property in Vietnam

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